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Interpreting, negoziations into russian, italian

1/2 day (4 hours)€ 130,00
Full day (8 hours)€ 220,00
Over 8 hours (till the 11th)€/HR 30,00 for every hour
Min. invoice rate€ 60,00

Translations into russian, italian

Business and private correspondece, tourism, art€/target word 0,05-0,07
Technical documentation€/target word 0,07-0,08
Legal documentation€/target word 0,08-0,10
Min. invoice rate€ 12,00
Proofreading €/target word 0,03

Other services

Oath translations with their corresponding legalization at Court of Chieti of certificates (birth, residence, death, family, etc.), residence permit, Passports, driving licenses, identity cards (only for Chieti, Pescara)€/document 35,00
Translation audio- and videofilesOn estimate
Urgency +50%
Trade fairs, chucotage, conference call, consultingOn estimate
Lessons in russian and italianOn estimate
Indicated rates are free of taxes due by law.

Payment modality

I take 60% of pre-pay on order and the difference at finished work. You can pay me by means of:
- bank transfer;
- Western Union;
- bank check;
- PayPal;
- in cash (Italy only).
For work estimate you can contact me on e-mail or fax +39-085-799-9360, leaving all necessary information,
I'll contact you as soon as possible.

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